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This term in maths, Prophets class will be exploring their maths through themed projects which will allow them to apply their learning from across the year in a real life contexts.


They will start off by running their own bakery: deciding what to make, how many to make, the amount of ingredients, the cost of ingredients and using these aspects to work out the sale price of cakes in order to create a viable business.


They will then jet off as part of the White Rose Tours travel company: selecting their destination, time of travel, accommodation, expenses, budget and exchange rate.



Finally they will take a look into future careers and learn about salary, income tax, hourly rates and working weeks in order to give them a sound understanding of how budgeting is an essential part of life.


recipe                  value                     profit                      loss                     exchange rates                 budget                  hourly rates                 


        salary                   income tax                     bills                    mortgage                    repayment