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Number songs - Does your child enjoy singing? Why not introduce number too by listening to the Numberblock songs.                                 


Have you met the Numberblocks??  


They are number characters made up of blocks and can be found on BBC iPlayer. The short 5 minute episodes are a fantastic, fun way to introduce children to Maths.

Supermarket shopping


Encourage counting as you add items to your trolley or basket. Talk about how many items you need and count as you take them from the shelf and place them in the trolley. 


Every time you climb the stairs count each step as you go. Repeat when you go back down. You could add numbered paper to each step to connect the number to the image.



Going for a walk? Count how many road signs you see, or red cars, anything your child may be interested in. Can you see any numbers along the way? On doors, cars and road signs. Talk about the numbers you see.

We follow the White Rose Maths scheme. Click on the link below for more parents information.