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This week we will be continuing our place value to 50 unit.  Last week we started to learn how to count in 10s to help us with our place value.  Try using this week's song and counting exercise video to help you practice your counting in 10s!

Count by 10's Count by 10 | Count to 100 | Counting Songs | Jack Hartmann


Monday - Spr1.6.1 - One more one less

These tasks will be used over Monday and Tuesday's maths lessons. Only complete the tasks set for Monday today!

Tuesday - Spr1.6.2 - One more one less

The tasks can be found in the second half of Monday's worksheet.

Wednesday - Spr1.6.3 - Compare objects to 50

Thursday - Spr1.6.4 - Compare numbers within 50

Friday - Spr1.6.5 - Order numbers within 50