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This term we are going to be learning all about light during our Science lessons! 

During this week's Science lesson we used our findings from last week's investigation. We used them to create a 'Be Safe Be Seen' poster to inform people what reflected means and how to use it to stay safe whilst out in the dark. 


We had to think about which of the most reflective materials we found last week would be suitable for a reflective strip on a jacket, bag or band. We decided that whilst a mirror was very reflective, it wouldn't be a good idea to use that on our clothing! 

Today in science we were investigating which material was the most reflective using a torch. We tested a mirror, tinfoil, paper, reflector strips and the table. Before we did the investigation, we made a prediction of which we thought would be the most reflective. We then shone a torch on the materials to see which was the most reflective.

During today's Science lesson we were investigating what we needed to be able to see! We started off with a box with one little peep hole in it. It was really hard to see what was inside and we realised that was because no light was getting into the box! 

We then added more holes into the box to let more light in. This made it much easier to see what was inside of it!