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Electrical Circuits and Components 



In this science project, children revisit and consolidate their understanding of circuits from the Y4 project Electrical Circuits and Conductors. They identify circuit components and learn about recognised circuit symbols, using them to draw circuit diagrams. They investigate how circuit components function, looking for patterns in their results.


Children learn about electric currents and measure and record the voltage of cells and batteries. They generate scientific research questions about batteries and cells and write scientific reports of their findings. Children conduct a comparative test into the effects of charging voltage on a lamp’s intensity within a series circuit. They use their scientific understanding of circuits and the properties of materials to design and make a programmable home device.


Appliance            Cell             Current             Conductor            Environmental variable               Hazard     


Insulator     LED             Parallel Circuit           Sensor              Series Circuit               Switch                Voltage       




Electrical circuits and symbols - BBC Live Lessons