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Years 3 & 4

Picture News Day 


We loved taking part in Picture News Day today! We explored art, learnt about Mondrian art, designed and created our own pieces and got to interview and hear from a real life artist! Thank you Jill Eagle, you really inspired lots of us!

Year 3 loved visiting the ducklings

Guitar Workshop

We welcomed a guitarist to our school who showed us how he plays his instrument before teaching us how to use a guitar!

Sports Day and the Ice Cream Van Visit

We enjoyed target games, inflatable competitions and traditional sports day races!  Finally, we enjoyed a visit by Skinners ice cream!

Hula Hooping in Year 3

Our Visit to Skegness

We went on an exciting visit to the seaside with our KS2 friends.  For many of us this was our first trip to the beach and everyone loved building sandcastles, visiting the lifeboat station and paddling in the sea!

Year 3

Sam Oldham 

We were very excited to meet Sam, an Olympic gymnast!  He showed us some of his skills and also led us in our own fitness session!

Platinum Jubilee Picnic

We celebrated the Queen's platinum jubilee by wearing red, white and blue to school and enjoying a whole school picnic.  There was lots of dancing, singing, games and fun.

Trip to Peterborough Cathedral


Pilgrims and Disciples visited Peterborough Cathedral to learn about the Saxons, we really enjoyed exploring the cathedral, listening to the story of the cathedral's history with the Saxons, creating Saxon treasure and becoming archaeologists to try and solve the mystery of the discovered stone. 

After school Football Club


Tonight at club, we focused on our passing skills as well as learning what part of the foot we need to use when passing the ball. We also learned how to control the ball and how to stop the ball. We decided as a team that by putting our foot on top of the ball it allows the ball to stop straight away for us.

After school Football Club


What a great first session back we have had tonight. We introduced close ball control starting by walking with the ball then building up speed as our confidence grew. Everyone’s light shone very brightly throughout.



Children's Mental Health Week

We took on the challenge to hold our own fashion show to highlight the importance of children's metal health!  We created our own costumes making them as creative and colourful as we could but also unique just like us!  It was amazing to see the teamwork and perserverance going on to create these amazing, wacky, zany costumes!

Ancient Civilisations WOW Day


Today we started our new topic, Ancient Civilisations, with our WOW Day! During the day we became archaeologists and studied ancient artefacts thinking about what they could have been used for and what information we could find from them.

We also learnt about BC and AD dates and how farming changed and developed through the Ancient Sumer times.

The Ancient Sumerians were the first people to have their own system of writing. It was called Cuneiform and we wrote our names using it and tried weaving.

Virtual Pantomime

Today we watched the pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk! We had a great time meeting the actors, finding out about the characters they played and of course watching the show!  The best part was definitely learning some new songs and dance moves!

Meeting a Mountaineer


Today we loved learning about mountain climbing from a real life mountain climber! It was so interesting to hear how she started climbing, where she has climbed, how she climbs and learning more about mountains. We loved learning about her equipment and looking at it. The OS maps were so detailed!

Children in Need

This year we work spotty or yellow clothes to raise money for Children in Need.  We also decorated cupcakes and had Pudsey visit us to join in with our special celebration collective worship!

Church Visits


We really enjoyed our trip to the church today to see Father John. We got to explore within the church and ask lots of questions about what we could see. We learnt lots about Father John and the church and can’t wait for our next visit. 


Year 3

 Misty Mountains, Winding Rivers


We started our topic with a trip to Snipedales to explore the rivers. We learnt about the different parts of a river, how rivers flow, what happens in a river and walked along it. We also went into the river to see what we could find and to measure how wide it is, the temperature and the depth. 

Bottoms, Burps and Bile End of Topic Wow!

We took part in 'snack off' to see which team could design, make and evaluate the best snack according to our design criteria.  The judges came and decided on our winners!

NFU Harvest Assembly

We took part in the NFU's big assembly where we learnt how pizzas are made.  We found out where the different ingredients come from and we were able to visit the fields, farms, dairy and factory virtually during the lesson.  We then all made our own pizzas using the ingredients we had seen.

Burps, Bottoms and Bile WOW Day


Today we had our Topic WOW Day with Asda Steve! He came in and talked to us about how to keep our teeth healthy by eating and drinking things with less sugar in. We learnt that the recommended maximum daily amount of sugar for our age is 5 spoons. Did you know that a muffin contains 6 spoonfuls of sugar and a bottle of coke contains 11 spoons of sugar!

We also tried some foods that are good for our teeth including, celery, carrot sticks, humus and cheese.