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Phonics and Writing

We have now learnt all Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds and will be working on embedding them into our learning. We will be using this knowledge in our writing and will be working on becoming fluent in recognising and writing Phase 2 and Phase 3 common exception words (tricky words).


Repetition is key in ensuring that children become fluent in their phonics recognition. Just spending a few minutes a day recapping the sounds can help children progress in their reading and writing.


     Practice recognising the tricky words everyday to improve fluency.


We will be writing for a variety of purposes in relation to our Topic 'What can you see in Summer?'. We will be writing instructions of how to plant a sunflower seed, logging the weather each day and exploring and describing Summer fruits. 


We will re-write The Three Billy Goats Gruff story using a story map.

We have written lots of sentences about our chicks.

We read the captions and then matched them to the corresponding picture.

We listened to the Three Billy Goats Gruff story then re-told the story on our story maps.

We talked about the Summer fruits and then made a list of words to describe them. We then chose a fruit and wrote our own words.

We are always finding new and interesting ways to incorporate writing into our play and learning. Here are a few amazing examples that you could try at home. Frazer and Faythe listened to a story about a maze and made their own mazes and labelled them. Other children practiced writing their names and some numbers on the chalkboards outside.

We wrote letters and drew a picture with paint onto the mirror and wrote shopping lists.