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Keeping ourselves safe!

Over both Spring terms, Disciples will cover the following:

  • Managing risk, decision-making skills, drugs and their risks and staying safe online.
  • Relationships education - online relationships
  • Physical health and mental wellbeing, internet safety and harms.
  • Physical health and mental wellbeing, healthy eating.
  • Physical health and mental wellbeing, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

PETE AND PENNY - Keeping Ourselves Safe

This video resource tool was developed in conjunction with Police and the Department of Education in association with the Medical Benefits Fund of Australia as part of the Pete and Penny programme. The video is designed to be shown to children aged 4-8 years.



trust                 unsafe               dangerous                risky   

feelings            strategies          consequence            browsing

phishing          search engine    fake news                 internet safety

medicines       drugs                  harmful                    helpful

instructions    danger                alcohol                    cigarettes



Rights and responsibilities in Spring term 2


: Skills we need to develop as we grow up, helping and being helped, looking after the environment, managing money.


Helping each other stay safe. There are lots of different people that can help us to be safe and/or healthy in different places and situations, but that we can also help them to help us.


Recount task. Opinion: not everyone has the same opinion. Your opinion is what you think about something.

Our helping volunteers. Volunteers choose to work or give their time free of charge, because they want to help make a positive change or difference to something. It also helps the volunteer to feel happy; research has shown than helping others increases the happiness of those that give help.

Can Harold afford it? Environmental impact of the item (e.g. avoiding single-use plastics or 'fast fashion' items, disposable items such as cups, cutlery etc. choosing items that are from sustainable sources, such as palm oil, fish).

Earning money . Different jobs get paid a different amount depending on qualifications, experience, knowledge, responsibility.




helper,         responsible,            safe,             fact,               opinion,

choice,         volunteer,               saving,         spending,       earning,