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Rights and Responsibilities 



Behaviour, environment, responsibility, respect, money, earning, savings, first aid, emergency, accident. 


This term we will be looking rights and responsibilities in RSHE. We will be looking at how to take care of ourselves, our money and our environment. 


We will look at how our behaviour or the behaviour of another person can affect other people and how we overcome this. 


The environment:

We will recognise who cares for and looks after the environment around us, especially in relation to our school. We can look after the school environment by keeping it clean and tidy, not causing any damage, wiping feet when they come indoors, putting our coats in our lockers, not dropping litter etc. We will then look at how we have the responsibility to look after our environment and the things in it. 



We will then begin to understand where money comes from and how money can come from a range of sources such as: gifts, pocket money, jobs and pensions. We will then discus that different things are worth different amounts of money and this can depend on: 


• What they are made of
• How easy it is to make them
• How old or new they are
• How big or small they are
• How many people it takes to make them
• How long it takes to make them


In England we use the Great British Pound but other countries have their own type of money such as Euros and Dollars. 


We will then discuss how we can keep our money safe and that if we keep our money safe and more money is added to it then this becomes our savings.