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 Movers and Shakers



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This term our history topic is called 'Movers and Shakers' where we will learn about a range of significant people who have had an impact on today's world. We will look at the five statements from Dawson's model which will help us identify people who are historically significant. We will continue using time vocabulary learnt in Year 1 such a year, decade and century and learn new vocabulary such as, activist and explorer. 


Herbert Ingram 

We will look at a significant person from Boston called Herbert Ingram who was elected as an MP for Boston in 1856 and was credited with bringing the Great Northern Railway and helped establish clean water supplies to the town.

Christopher Columbus 

This term we will begin looking at the word 'explorer' and will learn about the significant explorer, Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus lived centuries ago and he travelled from Europe hoping to find a western route to the Indies. Instead, he discovered the Americas, which became known as the 'New World'. 

Dawson's Model and Diamond Ranking

We sorted significant people into groups: artist, activist, scientist, explorer and monarch