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Our Class novel this term is 'The Abominables'

Literacy and Language - Term 3


We begin the Spring term looking at Narrative writing. The children will write a new episode to go with our story 'A Tale Of Two Robots' including the following: 

  • Problem, reaction and resolution.
  • Dialogue that sounds convincing because it is based on what they already know about the characters.
  • The characters reactions to new situations.        
  • Written in First Person (I, me, my)




Inventor                   experiment                             fumed                           laboratory                    robot


tentatively                equipment                             absent-mindedly 



We then move on to Non-Fiction text to write a discussion that is balanced and includes the following:

  • Statements that show they have thought about both sides of the argument.
  •  Shares information with the reader in clear sentences.
  • Show clearly what is fact and what is an opinion.


The aim of a discussion text is to discuss both sides of the argument from an unbiased perspective (even if we personally don't agree with both sides). This allows our audience to make their own mind up about what they think before you tell them what you think. 



statement                             conclusion                                     balanced                         tires you out                           fair


point of view                        whisked                                         would be a nightmare for me      


Literacy and Language - Term 4

Moving on in Spring term two, year three writing moves on to poetry. 


Using a number of short tongue twisters, riddles, nonsense poems and a longer performance poem, this Unit encourages children to explore the impact of word play and unusual imagery. It also gives them opportunity to learn a poem and enjoy the experience of performing it in a dramatic way. The Non-fiction week is linked to the scientific subject of the water-cycle and will develop the children's understanding of the language features of explanation texts in written and spoken forms. Where appropriate, the children will be encouraged to develop an awareness of audience and purpose in relation to the fiction and non-fiction texts they are reading and writing.




Repetition,        alliteration,        rhyme,         nonsense,            imagery

Soak up,            spit,               weep,             longing.