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This term we will be building on our knowledge so far. We will be using different ways to embed addition into our learning, starting the term with coins. You could support this at home by exploring coins and their values. We are continually learning the value of numbers and how these can be represented. We will extend this learning during Role-Play opportunities to pay for items at the 'shop', recognising the coins and how many 'pennies' they represent. 







We will continue to write number sentences and will now introduce subtracting, exploring the different symbols and what they mean. You could support at home by using language in everyday situation, for example noticing when something is taken away, such as a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl, and verbalising ' we had 3 apples and you have eaten one how many do we have left'. 


Doubling and Halving


We will explore the concept of 'doubling' something and 'halving' it. This builds on the children's knowledge of how numbers are made up of an 'amount'. We will engage in a range of practical opportunities like sharing out items between 2 people or joining items together.  



Subtracting activities