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Keeping Ourselves Safe

Vocabulary: Dangerous, risky, hazardous, dare, assertive, perseverance, privacy, privacy settings, security, medicine, drugs, harmful, choices


We will begin by learning and understanding the key terms:


Danger – something which will definitely cause harm

Hazard – something which could cause harm

Risk – an action which is taken in a hazardous situation


We will explore different scenarios and think about the risks we take when we are trying to manage a potentially harmful situation, learning that some risks have different levels of consequences.  Taking a risk can have positive consequences, for example, if someone feels very nervous about performing in front of others the risk to them is that of feeling embarrassed if things go wrong. But if they take the risk and things go fine - as they usually do - then there are benefits to be gained. In this case, the benefit might be an increase in the person’s confidence. Sometimes, anxiety about making mistakes prevents people from taking risks and discovering new things about themselves - things they thought they couldn’t do. 



Small Talk | Peer Pressure | CBC Kids

We will then move on to exploring what happens when someone sare 'I dare you!' and looking at the risks involved in accepting dares or daring others.  We will find out about keeping ourselves safe in these situations and how to be assertive.

As part of our topic, we will find out more about keeping ourselves safe online and using the correct privacy settings on devices to ensure we stay safe.  We will also revisit how sharing our details online can be unsafe and why.

CBBC Lifebabble - Staying Safe Online

Finally, we will explore keeping ourselves safe around medicines and drugs.  learning that a medicine is a drug which has been designed to help the body by treating or preventing an illness or injury but that it can be harmful if not used properly (or occasionally if it is used properly - if a person is allergic to it).

For Kids 8-12 Years Old: Using and Keeping Medicine Safe