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Special Books

This term, we will be exploring 'special books' that different people, religions and communities have.


The children will be thinking about the following questions:

- What makes the books special to them?

- How do they look after them?

- What book is special to you? Why?


Our Class Lighthouse


This week, we have created a class lighthouse that is special to us. We will follow this to make sure we stay safe, and that our light continues to shine.


Our Special Books

As a class, we looked at a special book called ‘Little Glow’.

We talked about the cover, and how it was all about a little candle light. This is special to us because in collective worship, we say “Let our light shine”.



We stopped to discuss the ways that different religions, communities and families use light to celebrate.

“The candles for birthdays. We make a wish”.

“Fireworks! I saw fireworks in the sky”

“Fireworks have (lots of) colours”

After discussing the different lanterns, candles, and light displays. The children used black card and chalk to make their lights shine. They used a rubbing technique to make their candle look like it was glowing.





The Bible


Tammy came to visit us in Noah’s Ark class. We wanted to know why ‘The Bible’ is so special to her and other Christians. She showed us her Bible that she keeps safe and looks after. We learnt that all Bibles can look different because our class Bible has pictures in, but Tammy’s didn’t. She explained that it was so young people and children could still have a Bible to learn about.

We also learnt that the Bible has lots of stories inside the one book. Christians believe that the stories in the Bible really happened and that it teaches us about life before and how we can learn from those stories to stay safe and happy.



The Qur'an

The children in Noah’s Ark class learnt that Muslims have a sacred book called the ‘Qur’an’.

Muslims believe that it holds the word their God, and therefore they too must look after their book. The children learnt that Muslims have certain rules to follow to make sure that they are looking after the Qur'an.

They must wash their hands before holding the Qur’an.
 Muslims may put the Qur’an on a stand as they read.
They wrap the Qur'an up with cloth and place it on a high shelf to keep it safe.


The Torah

The children welcomed Father John into their R.E lesson. He brought along a Torah. The children were fascinated to learn that not all 'special books' look the same. The Torah was more like a scroll, and it had to be spun open rather than by turning pages. The children in Noah's Ark class had a go at making their own Torah which contained a picture of their 'special book' from home or school inside.