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Week 4 - WC 24th Jan



This week in writing, we are creating our own biographies of Neil Armstrong. Have a go at researching Armstrong's  early life, mission to the Moon and his later life and write this into a biography. 


Find below links to some useful sources of information as well as an example text which will show you the features of a biography:



This week in Topic, we are looking at the effects of gravity on different objects. 

Experiment at home by dropping objects of different masses to see how quickly they fall (be careful not to drop anything that may break). 

Think about whether the mass impacted how quickly the objects fell. 


Now try dropping two pieces of paper. Leave one flat and screw the second into the ball. These have the same mass, but do they fall at the same time? Why do you think this might happen.


A fascinating video you can watch is linked below. Does the video surprise you?


Have a go at these fun experiments related to the refraction of light. For more information on what refraction is, you can watch the following video:

This week in RE, the aim is to compare the Christian Creation Story to scientific accounts of creation. Use the documents attached above to compare the two, stating what is similar and what is different. You may wish to organise your thoughts into a table: