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Can you draw some shapes and cut them out? Use the shape mat below for some ideas. You may have to ask an adult to help you draw straight lines, but I would like you to cut them out. Then use your shapes to make something. What could you make? Look at the pictures below to give you some ideas. Can you name some of the shapes you use?





Complete the sheet below to count the characters. You don't have to print it out, you could draw the pictures on your paper. Remember to add your name. Use the number line to find the number if you are not sure how to write it.



For a challenge you could choose two of the amounts on your counting sheet. How can you find out how many you have altogether?

Could you write a number sentence?




Do you know how to play 'What's the time Mr Wolf? Choose a Mr Wolf and ask other people in your family to join you. 

When the Wolf tells you what time it is find the number on the clock. If you are not sure what the number looks like you can start at number 1 and count around the circle. Now take that many steps towards Mr Wolf. Keep going until Mr Wolf chases you and play again. You can take turns to be Mr Wolf or a little pig.


For a challenge Mr Wolf could say two numbers, can you add the numbers together to find out how many steps to take? You could write the numbers that you choose next to the clock. You don't have to print out the clock, find something that is a circle shape and and draw around it. Can you copy the numbers on the clock below onto your clock. Look where they are positioned. What number is at the top, which is at the bottom?





The 3 Little Pigs and items from the story are all muddled up. Can you name the items you see? Can you say a sentence about them, such as 'the cauldron has a circle top', or 'the wolf has a long tail'. Now can you complete the checklist. Have a look at each picture and try to read the word next to them and count how many you can see on the picture. See the numberline below to check you are writing your numbers correctly.











Numberblocks - Three Little Pigs


Using the Numberblock number line above can you choose two of the numberblocks and draw them. Can you add the two together? Choose another two numbers and repeat.