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This term our topic is Playlist. During this very exciting topic we will be learning lots of new things about music. 


Over the first few weeks we will be learning about The Beatles. We will be listening to their music, looking at their fashion and how it changed over the years and then we will try and bring The Beatles into the year 2020! 


During the second part of our topic, we will be learning about different instruments! We will be looking at the different types of instruments and how they are classified. We will also be designing and making our own brand new instrument!  

The Beatles Fact Files


This week we learnt more about the members of The Beatles as we split into groups to create a fact file about Ringo Star, John Lennon, George Harrison or Paul McCartney. 

Music by The Beatles


This week during our Topic lessons we were exploring how different songs by The Beatles made us feel. We listened to the songs, described what they were like and how they made us feel whilst we were listening to them. 

The songs we listened to were: Help, Blackbird, Come Together, I Am The Walrus, Yesterday and Yellow Submarine. 

We then thought about which one we liked the best and had a class vote. The winner was... Yellow Submarine! Which is your favorite?

Instruments in an Orchestra 


Today we started our Playlist topic by watching live orchestra performances with BBC Tenpieces. Whilst watching, we looked at all of the different instruments that we could see. We are really looking forward to learning more about the instruments. 


Have a look at the pictures below, do you know what any of the instruments are called?