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Summer term 1 and 2: Mosaic Masters


Over both summer terms children revisit the idea of nature as a starting point for art, explored in Y2 Flower Head and Y3 Ammonite projects.  They explore the genre of botanical art and use natural materials from the local environment to create a botanical weaving.  They investigate the botanical subject matter by making sketches and colour studies.  Children are introduced the work of botanical artists and make observations about the similarities and differences.  They use their drawings as inspiration for a two-colour botanical print.    



border                grout                               interstice

Mosaic               pattern                           tesserae

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Mosaic art tutorial for beginners | DIY | How to cut ceramic tiles, glue & grout

Beginner mosaic art tutorial | Cutting ceramic tiles, sticking, glueing & grouting. Watch the experienced mosaic artists Gus and LOu show you how to make a mosaic. They show you how to cut ceramic tiles, how to lay out the design and finish it off by grouting. Learn and enjoy!