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Poem of the Week


Get out your poetry book and join Mrs Smith reading a poem!

This week we move onto reading non-fiction texts.  This week our book is all about dinosaurs!  In school we try to use the words fiction and non-fiction to describe books.  Fiction is a made up book like a story, the events are not real.  Non-fiction means it is real, it contains facts!  Perhaps your child could have a look at the books you have at home and try to decide if they are fiction or non-fiction!

Our text this week is about dinosaurs! Read it here:





Look at the front cover of the book.  What do they think the book is about?  Ask your child to talk about the clues they have used to make their prediction.  Did they notice the pictures?  The title?  Using the words fiction or non-fiction, which do they think this book will be? 


Explain to your child that as this is a non-fiction book we do not have to read the whole book at once or in order.  We can dip in and out and choose the pages we are interested in!  Show them the contents page and show them how to use it by reading the titles and finding out which page they should read.  Choose a page to read together.





Spend some time exploring some more parts of the book and enjoying reading together!  


Explain how non-fiction books have some different features and together you are going to go on a hunt through the book and see if you can find the features in the list below!



Spend some time exploring the book together.  Have a look at the pictures in the book.  Ask your child to decide which picture they like the best and ask them to explain why they like it.





Continue exploring and reading the book together.

When you are reading you will have noticed that some of the words are written in bold.  Find some of these words together and explain to them that these are tricky words that may be hard to understand the meaning of.  So the author has created a glossary to help us to understand what the word means.  Find the glossary at the end of the book and see if you can find out what the word means.  See if you can find some other words that are in bold and work together to use the glossary to find out the meanings of the words.




I hope you have enjoyed this book!  What rating would you give it out of 5?  Would you recommend it to someone else? Why?


Turn to page 25 and have a go at the quiz! Check your answers in the text!