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Counting every day is vital in year 1.  Please try to count forwards and backwards in 1s to at least 50, 2s to 20 and 10s to 100! 


In school we always start lessons with some counting activities. here are some counting music and action songs that you could use at home!

Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | 2021 Version | Jack Hartmann

Grandma and Grandpa on the Farm | Count by 2's to 100 | Jack Hartmann

Count Together by 10's | Counting Workout for Kids | Jack Hartmann Counting by 10s

This week's lessons:

Monday - Spr1.9.1 - Introducing the ruler

Today is a practical lesson - all of the activities are in the video

Tuesday - Spr1.9.2 - Measure length

Wednesday - Spr1.9.3 - Adding lengths

Thursday - Spr1.9.4 - Subtracting lengths



Today's lesson revisits everything we have learnt about length and height.  Some of the questions are discussion questions and others are more practical.