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‘Let your light shine’ - we talked about what letting your light shine looks like. We gave ideas of things we could do at home and at school to show we are shining.

This week we looked at pictures of children taking part in lots of different activities. We thought about what we liked and shared our thinking with each other.

We looked at, and talked about pictures of different children. We noticed differences/similarities to each other and ourselves. We explored what makes us unique and special. We shared our ideas on stars...🌟

After talking about our own families we then thought about the people in our school family. We looked at photographs of some of the people within our school family and how they help us.

This week we listened to and learned all about the Noah’s Ark story, which is the story our class is named after. We then role-played the story, helping the animals to find their partner and walk into the Ark.



This term we will be exploring all about ourselves. We will learn why our class is called Noah's Ark and all about our school family.

We will also explore how we are all individual and different and take part in activities that celebrate our individuality, such as surveys for eye and hair colour. We will share languages that we can speak.


We will talk about our own families and share with others. We will listen to the story from the Bible 'Boy Jesus in the Temple' to understand about special places for different religions and how people have different beliefs.


Noah's Ark story