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Animal Survival


Consumer    Hibernation     Producer     Reproduce     Survive


In the Animal Survival project, your child will revisit prior learning about habitats. They will learn about invertebrates and their characteristics. They will learn about microhabitats and go outside to identify and observe living things in various microhabitats. They will identify and research what an observed animal needs to survive and will construct simple food chains, learning the terms ‘producer’ and ‘consumer.'


They will explore how humans can harm and help animals’ habitats and visit the school grounds to look at ways habitats are already being supported and potential improvements.


Children will learn about the offspring of different animal groups, matching parents to their offspring. They will order the stages in animals’ life cycles and investigate the life cycle of an insect, observing it over time. They will revisit learning about the four seasons and explore how animals’ behaviour changes across the seasons and how this links to their life cycles.


Children will plan and make habitat improvements within the school grounds, evaluating the success of their habitat improvements by collecting first hand data. 

Sorting invertebrates- animals with no backbones!

Micro-habitats are a small habitat inside a larger habitat! We searched for mini beasts under lots of different habitats in the allotment area!

Animals need food, water, air and shelter to survive!

Invertebrate Animals | Educational Video for Kids

Microhabitats | KS1 Year 2 Science | STEM Home Learning

Did you know that there can be miniature or microhabitats within bigger habitats that are completely different? In this STEM and Beyond video we will learn all about microhabitats, what they are and the minibeasts that live in them. We will learn some new vocabulary and some interesting facts about microhabitats.

Animal Life Cycles

Learn about the life cycles of different animals and insects.