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Easter, salvation, bridge, rose.




Who was Jesus according to Christians? Why does Easter matter to Christians? 

The story of Easter is very important in the ‘big story’ of the Bible.

Jesus showed he was willing to forgive all people, even for putting him on the cross.

Christians believe Jesus builds a bridge between God and humans. Christians believe Jesus rose again, giving people hope of a new life.





Tammy from Restore Church visited us today to share and talk about the meaning behind the Easter story!

This afternoon we thought about how Christians’ believe that Jesus forgave all those people who put him on the cross. We then thought about a time when WE have to show forgiveness and how it made us feel.

Christians believe the Jesus builds a bridge between the people and God.

Crossing the bridge Christian’s believe that Jesus builds to bring the people closer to God by taking away of of their sins.

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