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Creative Time

Do you want to learn how to draw a dinosaur, a sausage dog, a unicorn, a monster and a whole list of other things? If so, follow the link and scroll down to find over 70 ’Draw With Rob’ instructional videos by author and illustrator Rob Biddulph. The instructions are so easy to follow so EVERYONE can be a #DrawWithRob artist We’d LOVE to see your finished drawings!  Have fun!!

One of our favourite sculpture artists, here at St Nichs, is Darrell Wakelam - he makes AMAZING sculptures using only a pair of scissors, a roll of tape and the contents of his recycling bin!

Follow the link to the 'downloads' area of his website and you will find instructions for making 50 of his #ArtJumpstart sculptures. We've really enjoyed having a go at some of these in school so why not try it at home with your families too?

Dip into our Art choice board for some ideas of some easy art using everyday materials at home.

Well-being craft - things to look forward to jar ... what will you put in yours? I think I would choose: cuddles with those I love but haven't seen for AGES!

Transient Art


So, what is it? Transient art is simply art without glue! Non-permanent art that is process orientated with no expectations. It can be small-scale or large-scale and individual or collaborative.


Some of the benefits of Transient Art:


  • Multiple outcomes – I love the individual nature!
  • No expectations – this is great for children’s confidence!
  • Mindfulness – it is a calm and relaxing activity. I love watching children become so absorbed in their creations. So much concentration and patience is evident.
  • Endless possibilities with the materials provided.


Above are a few ideas, but the fun of Transient Art is that you can use anything you have. It could be blankets, scarves, jewellery, your toys. Just arrange them on the floor to make a pattern or a picture. Then move things around to make something that looks totally different.

Make something with Mr Maker

Check out the Mr Maker page for instructions on things to make! There are some really simple things that you could have a go at together or challenge your child to have a go themselves!

Grow your own rainbow



All you need is some kitchen roll, some coloured felt pens and two bowls of water. Colour in each end of your 'rainbow' with strips of different colours. When finished place each end into some warm water and sit back and watch your rainbow grow.