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Maths is threaded throughout the routine within Noah's Ark class, all working towards the Early Learning Goals that children are working to achieve by the end of the academic year.



The children will be focusing on a different number each week, to embed their understanding of each number. This will include understanding the amounts of a number, rather than just recognising the number and counting in sequence. 

The children will acquire skills in understanding number and seeing the patterns that will be a basis for their Maths knowledge to take them into their future Maths learning.



Practicing counting and number language is something that can be used throughout the day. In class we will take the opportunity to count in a variety of ways and situations. Counting fruit at snack-time, children as they line up and when playing games, so that children enjoy counting and are inspired to continue independently. 

When counting objects children can get 'carried away' when saying the individual numbers and we will encourage pointing or touching an item for each number.



Noah's Ark are learning about lots of different 2D and 3D shapes. We talk about how many sides they have, how many corners they have, and if they always look the same. We are learning to recognise shapes in our environment. Why not see what shapes you can find in and around your home.



Subitise is when an amount can be recognised without counting. We will be playing games using a dice to become familiar with the dots and the corresponding amount, with quick recognition. To support children at home you could use a dice to play with and use number language in everyday situations, such as talking about small amounts of items “you have two cars”.


One more/one less

To build on the children's number knowledge and understanding we are exploring the language of less and more. We are initially focusing on one more and one less so that children are fluent in their knowledge of the order of numbers.