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English and Reading

This week we will be learning all about the Nativity story, click on the link below to enjoy at home!

We have been reading lots of night-time books. We especially liked the story about the mIce eating the moon and that’s why it gets smaller. We’re not sure that’s true though.

We have been exploring the 3 Little Pigs story. We have been making masks, building houses and role-playing. Click on the link below the read the story again.

We are learning new rhymes every week that we like to sing a long to and follow the actions. Why not try the one below at home!


5 Little leaves so bright and gay

Dancing around on a tree one day (dance)

The wind came blowing through the town (cup hands around mouth and blow)

And one little leaf came tumbling down (roll arms around and bend body)


Continue until all the leaves have blown off and it is now Winter!

We love listening to stories and we have favourites that we enjoy again and again. We also love the excitement of discovering a new story! Here are just a few we have in Noah's Ark class.


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