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This week we are writing a diary entry of Neil Armstrong. 



 Have a go at writing sentences in first person. This is where we use the word 'I'. For example, I went to the shop and bought some chocolate. This morning, I played with my friend. 




Have a go at acting out Neil Armstrong's journey to the moon. Act out him getting on the rocket with Buzz and Michael. Act out Neil and Buzz taking their first step onto the moon. How did they feel? What did they do? You could look online to watch the clips of when they took their first steps. 



Have a go at writing a diary entry pretending to be Neil Armstrong. Remember we use the word 'I' as we are writing as if we were Neil. Also, don't forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Here is an example of my diary entry pretending to be Neil:



Today is the 20th July 1969, we have landed on the moon. After 4 days of travelling in the Apollo 11, the Eagle module took us down to the moon. I can’t believe I trained for 7 years to get here. I was so excited but also really nervous to take my first step on the moon. Buzz followed me and we both started bouncing around. I felt like I was flying. It was so much fun! We have collected lots of space rocks. These space rocks will be taken back to Earth as samples. We have also put the American flag into the moon to show that we won the space race against Russia. Being an astronaut is a lot more fun than being a pilot. I got to fly high when I was a pilot but never this high! We were on the moon for about 2 hours, but we had to join Michael back at the Appolo 11. I am now on my way back to Earth. What an amazing experience this has been. I am having to hold onto my pencil really tight as it keeps trying to float away!



Once you have written your diary entry, have a go at editing it. This means reading your work and checking your spellings and punctuation. Also, see if you can add anything else into your writing.