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This term we will begin by recapping phases 2, 3 and 4 ensuring that we can use the sounds we have learnt in both reading and spelling.


Next we move onto Phase 5 where children are introduced to new graphemes for reading. Some of these graphemes represent phonemes (sounds) that they have already learnt a grapheme for. For example, in Phase 3 children were taught 'ai' as the grapheme for the phoneme /a/ (as in rain). In Phase 5, children are taught that the phoneme /a/ can also be represented by the graphemes 'ay' (as in play) or 'a-e' (as in make). This variation needs to be taught as it is common in our language system.


The new sounds we will learn are here:


Phonics Phase 5 Sounds Pronunciation

This video will be useful to help practice the new sounds at home and also to help parents know how the sounds are pronounced!

Remote Learning

Phase 5 Sounds Song

Practice your phase 5 sounds with a song!