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Religious Education


This week we will be trying to understand the importance of gratitude and begin to say what we are thankful for.



Think about the importance of gratitude (saying thank you) – do you only have to say thank you if you believe in God?

Try discussing with your child what being grateful (thankful) means.

Why do we say thank you? Ask your child to think about the last time they said thank you. What was it for?

Discuss all the things that we can be thankful for. (kind acts, sunshine, family, food, house, friends etc)

Encourage your child to think beyond what they would normally say thank you for.



List things you are thankful for.

Write some sentences to say why you are thankful and add a drawings

Think about what you are thankful for today.



Have they thought about some different things that they can be thankful for?

What could you do this week to show they are thankful?


Next Step: How can we show we are thankful?