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Week Beginning (08/02/2021)

Bookings update!!!


We have changed Microsoft Bookings times to 1:30-2:30pm EVERY DAY...


You can book a 10 minute video chat (face-to-face) with Mr Jacques between these times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday OR Friday!!


If you need help with Maths, Writing, Spellings, Topic ... ANYTHING, you can book a session!

  Morning session 1 Morning session 2 Morning session 3 Afternoon Session
Monday Maths 1 Break Reading 1 Break Writing 1 Lunch


Lincolnshire (1)

Tuesday Science Break Maths 2 Break Writing 2 Lunch

REconnecting Lincolnshire (2)

Wednesday Maths 3 Break Reading 2 Break Writing 3 Lunch



Thursday Maths 4 Break Reading 3 Break Writing 4 Lunch

REconnecting Lincolnshire (3)

Friday Maths 5 Break Reading 4 Break Writing 5 Lunch

REconnecting Lincolnshire (4)

NEW weekly overview!!

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For the last week of term, Year 6 will be spending each afternoon taking part in a special project - REConnecting Lincolnshire - which is in connection with the Diocese of Lincoln. Our focus will be ‘Respecting Differences’.


There are many reasons why it is important to respect people’s differences; it helps create a safe space in which all people feel valued; it helps us become more tolerant of difference and accepting of others and it helps us build a richer network of relationships around us.

Mixing with those that are different from us means we get the opportunity to see the world through different eyes. We learn more about the world and ourselves in the process, which helps us grow intellectually and spiritually. It also opens the doors to many other opportunities - be they friendships, work prospects, travel possibilities or a wider understanding of the world in which we live.


REConnecting Lincolnshire is working with teachers, children and young people to enable respectful encounters with difference across faiths, cultures and generations.