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Key Stage 1 Writing

Non - Chronological Reports

This week we are continuing to look at writing non-chronological reports! We will end the week writing information all about toys, which is linked to our topic lesson this week as well. 


Each day you will see the main lesson and then at least two follow up challenges. 

Challenge 1 is aimed at Year 1 and challenge 2 is aimed at Year 2. However if you think the other challenge is more suited for your child then we are happy for you to select the best one for you!

When writing in KS1 we always encourage the children to say what they are going to write first out loud before writing it down.  We always have our sound charts to help with spelling too.  Look back at last week's writing to recall what should be included in the different year groups!

Monday - Read the Story from the powerpoint or listen to it being read to you on the video!

The Old Toy Room - A Twinkl Originals Story | Read Along at Home

Explore the magic of The Old Toy Room with this Twinkl originals story. Meet Lottie and her rocking horse, Chester as they explore a wonderful imaginary land.

Challenge 1-

Role Play Activities:

Why don’t you create a toy shop?

The children can take on the roles of the characters using the role play masks or stick puppets.

Challenge 2 -

The children can retell the story using the sequencing pictures. 


Ask the children to imagine what might happen next in the story? Set up an imaginary door and ask the children to open it and imagine what they find behind it! Encourage the use of descriptive language!

How did it feel when you first opened the door?



Research about 2 toys you want to write about. Maybe one could be from the past and one that it is your favourite nowadays. Practise writing sentences describing the toys. Maybe how to use them or what they are made from. 

If you need some ideas here are some pictures to write about or feel free to draw and write about your own toys.

Wednesday Plan Your Writing

Challenge 1:

Always discuss your ideas and write down your plan before attempting to write. This helps organise your thoughts before needing to write them down . Are you going to write about two of your favourite toys or about one old and one new? What could your title be?

Challenge 2:

Make you you organise your ideas correctly. Have a clear idea about what you want to write under each heading. 

Have you planed your...

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Information about Toy 1
  • Information about Toy 2 
  • Closing idea
  • Top Tip!

Thursday and Friday 

Write your Non-Chronological report about your favourite toy or old and new toys!

If you need a writing frame to help you, feel free to have a look at these templates below.

Here is my finished non-chronological report on outdoor toys!