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Today is our fairy story day.  We are getting to know the story of Hansel and Gretel really well now.  You can read it on our writing page this week.  In reading today we are going to use our prediction skills.  At the end of the story Hansel, Gretel and their father lived happily ever after.  I wonder what they did?  Remember they had a treasure chest of gold!  Talk to an adult or draw a picture to show what you think they did with the treasure that made them live happily ever after!



This week in reading we are moving on to poetry!  We will be reading the Easter Cross poem below.  There is also a file with the poem in if you would like to print it or make it bigger.

Questions to discuss:


Who is the poem about?

What is special about the poem?

Which words do you like or find interesting in the poem?


Finally re-read the poem and see if you can begin to recite it!


Read the poem and try to recite it without having to look at the words!  

Today we are going to look at the meaning of the poem.  Read each verse.  They are like a list of clues to something they are talking about.  Can you work out what each verse is talking about from the clues?


You are right each verse talks about the cross!  Can you find the title of the poem?  Can you think why the author gave it that title?




Today we are going to prepare to perform our poem.  We will start by putting some actions to the poem.  Can you decide on some actions for each verse?


Next we will practice reciting the poem ...... without reading the words!  Remember to use your clear voice!




Today we will film our performance poetry!  First have a practice - can you remember the words?  Can you remember the actions?  Don't forget to practice speaking clearly!  If you are at home self-isolating we would love to see you perform the poem.  Perhaps your adult could film you and send us the video!