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Art & Design

Term 1: Contrast and Complement

 This project teaches children about colour theory by studying the colour wheel and colour mixing. It includes an exploration of tertiary colours, warm and cool colours, complementary colours and analogous colours, and how artists use colour in their artwork.




Analogous,                   Complimentary,                     Harmonious,                    Hue,

Primary Colour,                Secondary Colour,                Tertiary Colour


Term 2: Prehistoric Pots


This term in Art Disciples look at Prehistoric Pots. They will first have the opportunity to look at in depth Bell Beaker Pottery and create sketches to show shape, form and patterns. The children will then be able to get their hands on clay to recreate a pot of their very own, consolidating their understanding, using skills of knowledge that they learn throughout this new term. I'm looking forward to seeing the creations once they begin, keep an eye out on the website for uploads once this project gets on the way. 

Key vocabulary:

  • Archaeologist
  • Pattern
  • Pinch Pot
  • Potter
  • Score