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The stories chosen relate to our Topic - What happens when I fall asleep? and there are some ideas for activities alongside the stories.




Nibbles the mouse looks at the moon each night when he is looking for food with his Mum. Click on the listen to find out what he sees.


Goodnight Magic Moon




Mole pops out of his hole and is amazed by the big round shiny thing in the night sky. Click on the link to find out how he tries to catch the moon.


Bringing Down the Moon




Baby Bear wants to go to the moon, but his Mum says he can't because he hasn't got a rocket. Click on the link to find out how Baby Bear solves his problem.


Whatever Next




Listen to the Finger Face poem and then why not draw around your own hand and draw faces onto each finger. Can you make different faces on each finger? How are they feeling? Happy? Sad? Write next to them how they are feeling and why.


Finger Face




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