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Current Affairs


We understand that many of you will be impacted by the events that are unfolding across Europe at the moment.  

We know that many of you may be experiencing great fear, loss and grief due to the evolving crisis with Ukraine and Russia. We want you to know that our entire school family is sending love and light to those who need it most.


You may have many questions about how you can help your children understand what is happening and why 


Here are a few links for supporting these conversations 


BBC Newsround 

BBC Newsround have child friendly news stories as well as presenters carefully explaining the situation. Including the history of Russia and Ukraine, Citizens urged to stay home and how Sport has responded to the crisis. They have also committed to not having blanket coverage if the crisis, still focusing on other news across the UK and the world

BBC Newsround have also a short video with advice if the news upsets you.

Click the icons below for a link to this video.




The War in Ukraine


What's being done to help ?

A Newsround video clip to explain the support around the world



The Dioscean Education Board

Shared some wonderful reflective resources 

News For Kids also has an age appropriate article on the situation





The Education Hub blog also has help for teachers and families to talk to pupils about the crisis.






Prayer Spaces for schools have also tweeted some ideas of how to pray.







Here at St Nicholas C.E. Primary Academy, we have thought very hard of how we can support our families and community, as a way of communicating this, we have created ‘Lighthouse Lane at the front of our school. This is a place where everybody – including our children – can take a moment to reflect, pray or send a message to someone they love but cannot be with. Simply take a ribbon and attach it to one of the ‘lighthouses’; as you do this, take a moment to think about the people your message is for and know that you are letting your light shine, so that they can too.

We hope that this display of unity is something that may bring hope, reassurance and love to those who need it. This is our way of colouring the world with kindness; we would love it if you feel able to add a bit of your light to ‘Lighthouse Lane’.