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Over the last few weeks in Maths, we have been working on Addition and Subtraction. We have looked at different methods to answer addition and subtraction questions including: Base 10, using a number line and Column Method. 


We have also learnt about what exchanging is, when we need to do it and how to do it. 


Addition and Subtraction


Today during Maths we were using Base 10 to work out the answers to 3-digit take away 1-digit numbers when we had to exchange! 


We had to make sure we were exchanging 1 ten for 10 ones when we needed to! 

Place Value


In Maths we are currently learning about Place Value and how numbers are made up. 

So far during our Marhs learning we have been portioning numbers with tens and ones and numbers with hundreds, tens and ones! We have also been representing them in different ways by using equipment like Base 10 and counters.