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Rights and Responsibilities​​​​​



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To be able to describe and record strategies for getting on with others in the classroom.


To do our best in school we need: 

  • A calm, quiet environment
  • The proper equipment, stationery etc. to complete tasks
  • An enjoyable break-time
  • People around us (staff and children) who help us
  • To feel safe
  • To have a nice lunch and proper break at lunch time


To explain, and be able to use, strategies for dealing with impulsive behaviour. 

Sometimes it does feel as though words or thoughts are trying to ‘erupt’ from our mouths but that we do have a choice about this. We can take control.


To identify special people in the school and community who can help to keep them safe. 

Being safe can also mean not being at risk of being hurt or lost. 

Our body tell us when things might not be safe e.g. feel sick, sweaty palms, heart beats faster.

999 is the number called if a person needs the police, the fire service or an ambulance.  

When someone answers the 999 call, the caller tells them who they need, or what has happened.  The person on the phone will then work out who is the best person (or service) to help. 


Internet safety 

To understand the role of the  NCA (National Crime Organisation) and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)

There are a lot of benefits of the internet, but there are also risks and we need to think carefully when using it. We should never talk to people who we don't know in real life, and we should never share personal information about ourselves online with anyone, no matter how safe or friendly they might appear to be.


To understand that people have choices about what they do with their money. 

We all have choices about how we use our money. We can choose to buy things for ourselves or for other people, or we can choose to save our money to spend another time, maybe on something bigger. Just because we have money doesn’t mean we have to spend it.


To make suggestions for improving the school environment. 

It is not always possible to improve all the different parts of the school environment at once because it would cost too much, take too long, be too disruptive to school life, involve too many people etc.

The classroom is an environment that they can influence and improve all day, every day by putting things away, hanging coats or bags on pegs, not ignoring things on the floor.