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Week Beginning 03/05/21

Wednesday 5 May


Phonics - lesson 



Maths - double


Watch the Numberblocks episode - Double Trouble


Can you use some blocks or other items in your house? Can you then choose a number from 1 - 10. Find that amount of blocks and place in a circle you have drawn. To double the number you then draw another circle and add the same amount of blocks to that circle. To find 'double' the number count all of the blocks. Practice using different numbers. 




Do you have any fruit in your house? Collect up the fruit and have a look at it. What words can you use to describe the fruit? Is it spiky, smooth or lumpy? What colour is it? Write down the words you think of.


Now cut open the fruit and look inside. Does it look the same? Are the colours the same? Write about what you see.  Draw a picture and then put it onto Tapestry. Use the soundmats below to help you with the sounds. 


Parents the spelling does not have to be correct, the words should be written using the words the children have learn so far. These sounds are on the mats below.




Click on the link to take you to Noah's Ark video resource centre. Then choose a book to listen to....


Noah's Ark video resource centre