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Years 3 & 4

Traders and Raiders Wow Day


Today during our wow day in Year 3 we learnt about longboats, planned them and made two! We had to think carefully about how we were going to fit our whole team in, make sure there were no holes and make it able to pass through shallow water. 


Once we we had made them, we painted it and designed and made shields. Have a look at the pictures below to see how amazing they are!

Year 4 had a fabulous wow event today. We created our own longboat and designed shields to go along the sides. The teamwork shown today was fantastic and we were able to share some wonderful ideas. 

Snow Day!


We were so excited that it snowed! We loved crunching about it in, sliding and throwing it around.



Today we started our new topic with a bang and the ground shook with excitement as we did our WOW Event! During the day we made a volcano using cardboard, a bottle and paper. We also painted it and made it look realistic! Then we used a science experiment to make the volcanoes explode! We then got active and played some volcano PE games. 


Take a look at the pictures below of our amazing day!

End Of Autumn Term in Year 3


We had an awesome end of term in Year 3 ready for the Christmas holidays! It was so fun with a Christmas party, Christmas lunch and a visit from Santa!

Christingle Service


We enjoyed a lovely Christingle service with Father John today, learning about each part of the Christingle and making our own. 

Ancient Greek WOW Event 


Today we took part in or Gods and Mortals Wow Event, an Ancient Greek Olympics in our House Teams. We took part in different events including: sprints, long distance running, relay, shotput, javelin and discuss. 


We we had a great time and are really looking forward to the rest of our topic lessons!

Playlist Wow Event


Today we had our end of topic Wow Event! We were so lucky to learn loads about the electric guitar and listen to some amazing performances from Mr Booth. We then tried playing lots of different instruments, trying to change the volume of the sounds and playing them at different tempos and tunes!

Football Club


This week we were focusing on Attackers v Defenders. We were looking at different ways that the attackers can beat defenders and techniques for the defenders to defend. 

After-School Tennis Club


Every week a sports coach from Elite Sports comes in to run a tennis club. It is really fun and we are learning lots of new skills and understanding the game of tennis a lot more. 

After-School Football Club


Every week we are able to take part in football training where we focus on teamwork, improving our skills and knowledge of the game of football.