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Years 3 & 4

After school Gardening club 


Tonight’s club, we continue with our theme from collective worship this morning by discussing whose responsibility it was to maintain and care for the allotment and why its important. It was agreed that we all have a responsibility to look after our school and environment. We discussed different ways we can achieve this.

After school football club


What a really fun football club we had tonight! We continued to develop our passing and our moving into space skills and awareness to receive the ball. Everyone has made excellent progress in such a short period of time. It’s been amazing to see their light shine.

Topic Wow Day 


Today we kicked off our new topic with our Wow Event. 

During the event we researched sea creatures that life in the Great Barrier Reef and then sketched and coloured our favourite ones. We also used clay to create a sculpture of the creatures and created a fact file all about them.

After school Gardening club


During this club, we had a great time exploring the allotment area to see what had been growing by previous Gardening clubs this week. We had lots of WOW moments from the children when they got up close to the plants. Our favourite was the broad beans as they had lots of lovely flowers growing on them. We learnt how to water the plants safely, how to weed and to identify what are weeds. It was great seeing all of the excited faces on the children.

After school football club


What a great football session we had tonight. We started off with a fun warm up game and our favourite called mirror tag. The main focus of this session was learning to pass to feet, we took part in some drills to practice and develop our skills. We discussed beforehand what part of the foot to use and where our foot should be facing when passing the ball so the ball goes where we want it too.


it was amazing to see everyone’s light shine once again. 

After school Lego club


Tonight at Lego club as a little surprise we watched Lego Star Wars and Lego frozen while building lots of amazing structures such as the Eiffel Tower. 


It was an amazing end to a great term of awesome Lego building.

After school football club 


During football club we had a lot of fun playing our new favourite warm up game called mirror tag before having lots of fun with the ball rebounder practicing and learning the correct technique when volleying the ball. It was amazing seeing everyone’s light continue to shine brightly.

After school Lego club


Everyone was given a challenge of making something that can go on a teachers desk to help them. The children showed a lot of love and kindness when making them. 

After school football club


Tonight at football club we focused on marking a player and tracking back skills when defending. We achieved this by playing mirror tag and bib tennis. The children really enjoyed playing these games while at the same time learning new skills. Before finishing with a match we played defenders vs attackers to learn where we needed to stand and to put our new marking skills into practice with regular stopping points for us all to discuss and breakdown what we have just been doing and how we could improve on it next time.


i couldn’t believe how bright everyone’s light was shining.

After school Lego club


Tonight at after school Lego club with year 3 and 4 we set a challenge which was who could make the tallest and the prettiest tower. We had lots of great teamwork going on with lots of communication. It was great seeing everyone’s light continue to shine.

After school Lego club


Today, we set a challenge in Lego club to make an invention or a power source. We had children making wind power stations, solar power station, nuclear power station and wave power station. Everyone were very creative and presented their designs and models really clearly and professional. It was amazing seeing their light shine through their creativity.

Drumming Day 


Today we had two amazing drumming sessions! We practiced playing the drums, keeping a rhythm and working as a team to create different music!

After school football club


Tonight’s football club, we focused on taking a touch to lay ourselves off for a shot rather than shooting first time. We started off applying no pressure then again in a 1v1 situation to add some pressure when taking a first touch. Everyone tried really hard and it was amazing to see everyone having so much fun. I couldn’t believe how bright their lights were shining.

After school Lego club


What a fantastic lego club we had today. It was amazing seeing how creative everyone was from year 3 and 4. It was amazing to hear everyone give a short presentation to everyone else at club about what they had made and why they decide to make it. Their light was shining very brightly and I wonder what they will make next week. 

After school football club


What a great after school football club we had today for Year 3 and 4. We introduced a new version of hungry hippos involving 4 goals before playing a 4 way game. It was great to see all of the smiles and laughter that was going on as well as all of the skills we have been practicing. 



After school lego club


What a great first session back for our lego club. It was great to be able to sit under the shelter outside in the sun. The children really enjoyed creating their own master pieces. It was great to see the children's light shine when they were presenting what they had made to the whole club.

Urban Pioneers WOW Day in Year 3!


We started our topic with our wow day today! During the day we learn about Banksy and how his Graffiti Art has a meaning behind it. We look at different pieces of Banksy’s work and transformed into mini-Banksys and thought about what our Graffiti Art could mean. 


We then drew our art and made it into a stencil before flicking paint onto it to create the Graffiti Art! We also graffitied our names.

After school football club


What a great first session back we had tonight. We started off with our favourite warm up game called king of the ring before moving onto some mini 2v2 and 3v4 games using the skills we have been practicing over the last year (pass and move). It was great seeing everyone’s light shine while having fun.



After school football club


During our football club today we started off with a warm up called mirror tag. The purpose of this was to get everyone running around and thinking about movement and how to avoid their partner without being tagged. After finishing the warm up we began our main focus which was developing our passing skills. Before we started the drills we had a discussion on what was the best place on our foot to use when passing the ball and how much power to use. It was also agreed that if we were bouncing and moving around on our toes it allowed us to be ready to receive the pass rather than standing still. For the drills we carried out some passing accuracy exercises.

Red Nose Day 


Today we joined in the red nose day celebrations with a wear something red non uniform day and lots of fun activities! We decorated funny face masks to make people smile, learnt red nose day songs and dances and made joke posters to put in our windows at home! 

After school Lego club


During Lego club we were able to let our imagination go wild. We had super fast cars, a holiday apartment, an outdoor swimming pool and even a lion’s cage at a zoo. It was amazing to see all their creativity shining and sharing ideas through discussions. 

After school Football club


During club we started off by playing King of the ring where we were able to develop our close ball control skills. The next skills we practiced were dribbling and shooting where we talked about where in the goal is the best place to aim and agreed that the top and bottom corner were the best. We loved playing football and keeping active.

World Book Day 


During our World Book Day celebrations we were really lucky and had a video call with a real author! Jion Sheibani wrote and illustrated the book, The Worries and we loved hearing an extract, the process of writing a book, about her other books and how to draw the characters!

Traders and Raiders Wow Day


Today during our wow day in Year 3 we learnt about longboats, planned them and made two! We had to think carefully about how we were going to fit our whole team in, make sure there were no holes and make it able to pass through shallow water. 


Once we we had made them, we painted it and designed and made shields. Have a look at the pictures below to see how amazing they are!

Year 4 had a fabulous wow event today. We created our own longboat and designed shields to go along the sides. The teamwork shown today was fantastic and we were able to share some wonderful ideas. 

Snow Day!


We were so excited that it snowed! We loved crunching about it in, sliding and throwing it around.



Today we started our new topic with a bang and the ground shook with excitement as we did our WOW Event! During the day we made a volcano using cardboard, a bottle and paper. We also painted it and made it look realistic! Then we used a science experiment to make the volcanoes explode! We then got active and played some volcano PE games. 


Take a look at the pictures below of our amazing day!

End Of Autumn Term in Year 3


We had an awesome end of term in Year 3 ready for the Christmas holidays! It was so fun with a Christmas party, Christmas lunch and a visit from Santa!

Christingle Service


We enjoyed a lovely Christingle service with Father John today, learning about each part of the Christingle and making our own. 

Ancient Greek WOW Event 


Today we took part in or Gods and Mortals Wow Event, an Ancient Greek Olympics in our House Teams. We took part in different events including: sprints, long distance running, relay, shotput, javelin and discuss. 


We we had a great time and are really looking forward to the rest of our topic lessons!

Playlist Wow Event


Today we had our end of topic Wow Event! We were so lucky to learn loads about the electric guitar and listen to some amazing performances from Mr Booth. We then tried playing lots of different instruments, trying to change the volume of the sounds and playing them at different tempos and tunes!

Football Club


This week we were focusing on Attackers v Defenders. We were looking at different ways that the attackers can beat defenders and techniques for the defenders to defend. 

After-School Tennis Club


Every week a sports coach from Elite Sports comes in to run a tennis club. It is really fun and we are learning lots of new skills and understanding the game of tennis a lot more. 

After-School Football Club


Every week we are able to take part in football training where we focus on teamwork, improving our skills and knowledge of the game of football.