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Prophets Class (Year 6)

Welcome to the home of the Prophets. This is where you will be able to find out about what Year 6 are getting up to. The Prophets class are lucky enough to work with a mixture of adults throughout the week including Mr Bell, Mrs Clarke, Miss Allen and Mrs Dougill.



We have currently just finished our first unit of Year 6 poetry with fantastic results. We have been studying World War I and II poetry to look at the features that make these so powerful. As our final pieces, which the children have been very excited about, we have updated 'Charge of the Light Brigade' from a poem about the Crimean War to a World War II poem, encompassing everything we have learnt. Here are a couple of brilliant stanzas written by children:


Fire the guns, fire the guns,

Fire the rumbling guns,

Into the flares of horror,

Trudged the ten thousand.

"Pull the triggers,

Quickly hide." He yelled.

Into the flares of horror,

Trudged the ten thousand.


"Pull the triggers!"

Boom! shot dead,

Not to the care of many,

The groups tumbled.

No time to waste,

No time to think,

Time to win.

Among the fields of horror,

Charged the ten thousand.




Fractions have been our over arching topic in recent weeks as the children have been developing some very tricky skills. Most of these skills are specific to Year 6 and the children have done fantastically to understand how to: divide fractions by whole numbers; multiply fractions by fractions; multiply fractions by whole numbers; add and subtract fractions and add and subtract mixed numbers. As you can see, these are not easy topics and they have all done brilliantly. 


Times table rockstars is a great way for your children to practise and improve their times table knowledge and we encourage the children to use it several times a week. As you can see, we are currently doing fantastically in the local area but we are challenging the children to get us in that top 3 spot.




After finishing 'A Child's War', our World War II topic, we will be changing to a more Science based topic with Darwin's Delights, one of my favorite topics. In this topic we will be explore who Charles Darwin was, what he did and his findings. This topic gives great links to our Science unit of classification, so the children can really immerse themselves in this work.



The Prophets will be moving from a physics led topic into the world of biology. We will be exploring the world of animals, plants and micro-organisms as we take an in-depth look at the classification of the different kingdoms. Plants, animals and micro-organisms exist in such a vast and varied range of species that their classification must be exact and specific. We started off exploring this idea through the use of sweets!

This topic will introduce the children to species and types of animals that many of the children will not have encountered before.





In RE this term, we will be delving into the story of creation and discussing a traditional, but contemporary, question on whether scientists can believe in God. 



Remembrance Assembly

On the 11th of November the Prophets led the remembrance service for the whole school as we remember all those who have fallen during wars and conflicts around the world. The assembly included readings and poetry which the children performed flawlessly from memory. The way in which the Prophets conducted themselves was incredible; we even received an email from a school visitor praising their display. 


MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone that could attend the MacMillan coffee morning. The Prophets had a fantastic day helping run the highly successful event. It wouldn’t have been such as success without year 6, well done the Prophets.





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