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Life Journeys

Over this term, we will continue looking at the life journeys of people who follow a variety of religions. We will look in detail at the key ceremonies associated with the life journeys in Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam. We will draw on prior knowledge of key beliefs in each religion in order to understand why certain ceremonies are celebrated. 




 Baptism    Confirmation   Marriage    Funeral

Naming Ceremony    Amrit Ceremony   Anand Karaj

  Mahr   Aqiqah Ceremony

Brit Milah       Bar/Bat Mitzvah      Ketubah     




Christian Life Journeys: We started our exploration of different life journeys with Christianity. We looked at baptism and what this may look like across different denominations as well as traditions during weddings and at funerals.

Sikh Life Journey: For Sikhism we looked at what happens when a baby is born and the traditions that are followed when naming the child. We then took a close look at Amrit and what it meant to carry the five Ks.

Muslim Life Journey: The Prophets did independent research on the different ceremonies throughout the life of a Muslim.

SPECIAL EXPERIENCE: This term we were lucky enough to have a visiting workshop about God and the Big Bang. The Prophets were able to build on their learning from earlier in the year and think deeply about how religion and science can be complementary.