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KS1 Writing

This week we continue our writing based on the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  We will use the learning from last week to help us rewrite the story in the 3rd person. This means you are the narrator and telling the story in your own words! Below is another version of the story to help you with some more ideas. 


Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story | English Fairy Tales And Stories | storytime

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story


Today we will be looking at different types of sentences! We are getting really good at writing sentences , when we get to Year 2 we learn that there are 4 different types of sentences which are:





Below is a link to a page which help you and your child understand the different types of sentences we use.

Monday's Activity

Think about the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, I bet you have lots of questions you want to ask about the story! Here is your chance to do so!

Challenge 1 - To write questions using a capital letter and a question mark.

Think of 3 questions you want to ask Goldilocks in the story.


Remember to start your questions with a question word.

These are: Who What Why When Where How Can Do 


Here is my example...

Why did you go into the cottage?


Challenge 2: 

Can you write 3 questions you would ask Goldilocks and three statements about Goldilocks?


Questions              ?  

Statements (information)           

    Why did you go into the cottage? Goldilocks was a girl.
Why were you so tired? She had long, blond hair.
Why did you run away from the house? She ate Little Bear's porridge


If you need some more practice at reading and recognising questions and statements have a goo at the game below! 

Roy The Zebra

About Reading with Roy the Zebra

Roy the zebra is a free resource that’s all about supporting emerging readers with their literacy skills, it’s used at schools and at home. This site is a great introduction to the kind of content you’ll find on our membership site Club Roy.

This site is home to an engaging range of reading games, an exciting guided reading story, lesson plans, printable resources and even songs - it’s totally free for you to use, all that we ask is that you register with us so that you can receive occasional updates via email.

Tuesday - To sequence the story and to plan our writing

Today we will be sequencing the story so that we can get all our ideas down for when we need to write our story for the rest of the week.

Challenge 1: Sequence the story use 6 pictures to help you! ( or use the sequencing story sheet below in the resources to help you) 

Challenge 2: Create a story mountain or story map to plan out your writing. make sure you remember all the main events in the correct order!

Here is my example:

Wednesday - To write the beginning of the story

Challenge 1:

Look at the first two pictures of your story sequencing from yesterday.

Talk out loud what is happening in the story. Then write your ideas down using and to try and extend your ideas and to link sentences together. Re- read your work and check it has a capital letter at the beginning and for Goldilocks name. 


Challenge 2:

Look at the first few pictures of your story plan from yesterday.

Remember to start your story with Once upon a time... write up until Goldilocks knocks on the door of the cottage.

Here are some writing frames for extra support if you wish to use them.

Word Bank for support: 

Thursday - To write the middle part of the story

Today we are going to write the middle part of our story. In this section you need to be going into the house and explaining all the things Goldilocks get up to... Make sure you re-read yesterday work so you know exactly where to start your story from. 

You need to write about the porridge, the chairs and finish with her falling asleep in Baby Bear's bed.

Friday - To write the end of our story and check it for any corrections.

Today we are writing the end of our story. 

This is where the Three Bears travel back to their home and find Goldilocks asleep in her bed.

Once you have finished it is REALLY important to read all of your work out loud to check it all makes sense!

Proof Reading :

Check your use of capital letters, full stops and other types of punctuation.

Year 2's check for a comma in any noun phrases and check for the belonging apostrophe - Baby Bear's chair.  (The chair belongs to Baby Bear)


Send your work to or .... we can't wait to see it!