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Writing to Entertain


During our writing lessons this term, we will be learning how to write to entertain. This will include writing a 3rd person narrative based on the story 'Whatever Next!' and writing a 1st person narrative imaging we are Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.  


Within these types of writing, we will be focusing on:

  • Letter formation (lower case and capital letters)
  • Writing a sentence
  • Saying our ideas before writing them
  • Using a capital letter for a proper noun or start of a sentence
  • Using a full stop to demarcate the end of a sentence
  • Using finger spaces between words
  • Use the word 'and' to join words and clauses
  • Using our phonics to spell unknown words


The teaching of adjectives will also continue to enhance our writing. 


Sentence, noun, proper noun, capital letter, adjective, description. 


3rd person narrative (Whatever Next!)


This term the children will be writing a 3rd person narrative based on the Jill Murphy story, Whatever Next! The children will become familiar with the story then they will have a go at ordering and verbally retelling the story. After that, they will have a go at writing their own version of the story. 




1st person narrative (Neil Armstrong)


We will then continue our topic learning in our writing lessons where we will learn about the 1st moon landing. We will research and watch videos of the landing as well as taking part in role play, acting out the journey and landing. We will then write a 1st person narrative imagining we are Neil Armstrong. We will write about the journey to the moon and the landing itself. 



Retell the story of ‘Whatever Next!’

We met with Year 6 to talk about Neil Armstrong. It was great fun and we shared lots of facts!

We acted out the moon landing pretending to be Neil Armstrong. We used freeze frames and said how Neil Armstrong would have felt.