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This term we will be looking at Time, Mass, Capacity and Temperature.


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The children may have missed the time block in Year 1 making this their very first formal experience of telling the time. We will revisit the basics specifically focusing on telling the time to the hour and half hour before looking at the two combined.

We will learn:

  • To use the vocabulary of time [for example, quicker, slower, earlier, later)
  • To measure and begin to record time (hours, minutes, seconds)
  • To sequence events in chronological order using language [for example, before and after, next, first, today, yesterday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon and evening]
  • To recognise and use language relating to dates, including days of the week, weeks, months and years
  • To tell the time to the hour and half past the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times
  • To tell the time to 5 minutes

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Our learning about Time...

Mass, Capacity and Temperature.

The children will revisit the idea of mass and capacity initially focusing on non-standard units such as cubes and jugs respectively. They will then look more formally at measuring using standard units. Practical activities are encouraged to support understanding.

We will learn:


  • To measure mass
  • To compare mass
  • To measure mass in grams
  • To measure mass in kilograms
  • To measure capacity
  • To compare volume
  • To measure with Millilitres
  • To measure with Litres
  • To measure Temperature

Our mass and weight learning ...