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 Disciples start the  spring term with fiction texts for the firs two weeks. During the first week, children look at the story "The Gingerbread Star". They then move on to "The Tunnel" by Antony Browne.



Moving into week 3 and 4, as a class we move to Non - Fiction text and look at Isaac Newton and The discovery of Magnet and Magnes The Shepherd. We then complete the spring term with the last two weeks focus being poetry which includes a song from Moana. 


Vocabulary          Week 1             Week 2           Week 3               Week 4             Week 5                Week 6

                             Burrow              impatient        windmill               legend              clambers               trail

                             Glow-worm    whet                grind                    province           scrambles              track

                                                                              sundial                 expanded         mill                        satisfied

                                                                              theory                  crook                glimpse                 pride



Spring term 2 repeats the cycle of Fiction texts, Non-Fiction texts and them poetry. 


Some of the text we will be looking at include: Stuart Little, The magic Faraway tree by Enid Blyton, Be glad your nose is on your face and When I grow up, from Matilda.



Cane,     Solemnly,    Cord,       handkerchief,    Cottage,     Enchanted,   

 saucepan,    Course,     Beacons,         Rip current,

Resided,       Conditions,          Inhabited,       Dread,         Catastrophe,     

obliged,        Bear- it,       Grin,      Grow-up.