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Independent Learning

During Independent Time children can choose their own learning. Ask children where they would like to learn and during their time using the things they choose ask 'What do you think you are learning?' If the children are not sure you could name their learning.


'I can see you are using your fingers to build and making them strong so you can write well' or when playing a game with someone else 'you are working really well and taking turns'. This is so children recognise that they may think they are 'just playing' when they are actually learning all the time.


Below are a few ideas that you might like to try or you may have your own ideas.



Can you see the constellations on the picture above? You can copy one of the patterns or make your own like the picture below. If you don't have any star stickers you can draw them instead.




Click on the link for a saltdough recipe - You could cut out some Moon and star shapes and then paint to decorate. Don't forget to put your creations onto Tapestry.


Saltdough Recipe



Would you like to make some rainbow rain?? Click on the link to make your own rainbow rain.



Rainbow Rain