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Our first unit of maths will be Place Value within 10.. We will be sorting objects and using objects to represent numbers.  We will then look at numbers to 10 and count, order and compare them.  An integral part of this work will be teaching the children to explain how they know an answer.  So if we ask them which is greater, we would ask them to explain how they found out.  Therefore, although the numbers are similar to those taught in EYFS, the reasoning and problem solving required in year 1 make this a much trickier area of maths to master.  To help your child please practise:


  • Counting forwards and backwards to 20 from any number.
  • Spotting numbers in and around your home.
  • Reading numbers at every opportunity (door numbers, road signs, on TV).
  • Asking them what one more or one less than the number they see could be?

Addition and subtraction within 10