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Creation and Science:

Conflicting or Complementary?


In this topic, we will be looking at religious and scientific accounts of how our universe and the life in it began. The children will analyse the similarities and differences between the Christian Creation Story and the scientific accounts of the Big Bang Theory and Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. In the process of this evaluation, we will look at different opinions in the fields of science and religion to see whether there are people who find truth in both the religious and scientific accounts. By the end of term, the children will be able to answer whether it is possible for a scientist to believe in God by looking at whether these accounts are conflicting or complementary. 



Creationism   Cosmology     Evolution    Complementary     Conflicting     Charles Darwin



The Christian Creation Story:


Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution:



After looking at the details of both the Christian Creation Story and scientific accounts of creation, we discussed what we similarities and differences we noticed between the two accounts. The table below shows the class responses:


  • Both stories start with there being nothing.
  • The first thing that was created involved light.
  • Humans and animals were created last.
  • The stages of creation are in a similar order.
  •  In the scientific account, there was a period of time when dinosaurs lived, however this did not happen in the Christian Creation Story.
  • In the Christian Creation Story, the world began because of God, whereas in science, the Big Bang happened without God.
  • The Christian Creation Story is said to have happened over a period of 7 days but the scientific account states that creation happened over billions of years.
  • In the Christian Creation Story, humans were created as humans (just as we are) however in the scientific accounts, humans are the result of evolution.