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Islam, Muslim, Qur’an, Allah, Tawhid, Shahadah, prophet


How is Allah described in the Qur’an?

What do Muslims learn about Allah and the faith through the Qur’an?


This term the children will be introduced to Islam.  They will learn that Muslims believe in one God, who is unique and invisible. – they call their God – Allah. Muslims believe that there are many different characteristics to God, just like Christians. Next we will explore the Qur'an and how important its words are to Muslims.  Finally we will find out about the rules given inside the Qur'an and how Muslims try to follow these rules.



To help understand the core beliefs of Islam, the diagram below may be useful to refer to when helping your child with their learning.


Fun Facts about Islam (KS1)

Muslims believe Shahadah (statement of faith) – ‘there is no God but God, and Muhammad is his prophet.’


The Five Pillars of Islam

The Story of Prophet Muhammad (SA)