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Dinosaur Planet

This term our topic is ’Dinosaur Planet’ which includes learning about the following areas:


· Finding out about a significant individual in the past - Mary Anning.


· Using geographical  vocabulary to describe landscapes.


· Using the words omnivore, carnivore and herbivore to describe the diet of different dinosaurs.


· Finding out about fossils and how they are made.



 As part of our learning we will be visiting The Collection Museum in Lincoln.  Check out their website link below to find out more about the things we will see!


We all loved our trip to the museum, in fact as one child said "It was the best day ever!" especially seeing the real Plesiosaur!  After our visit we wrote a recount about our trip and we produced some amazing writing.  


We were very proud of Beatriz's writing that you can see here:

Take a look at our photos from our exciting day out!

Herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?

We have been finding out what dinosaurs eating and using the words carnivore (meat eaters), herbivore (plant eaters)  or omnivore (plant and meat eaters).


This is one of the videos you could watch to find out more:




Mary Anning